[SFBA] Best vindaloo options?

Looking for good places to order vindaloo, particularly ones that will make it very spicy (unto the gates of phaal). I’d also be curious to find somewhere that does an authentic Goan pork version since I’ve never had it. My two standouts so far are Aangan in Albany (but my success is variable in convincing the servers to make it as hot as I like it) and a good goat version from Ulavacharu in Sunnyvale. I’m more likely to get to East Bay or SF options, but all shall be considered.

I haven’t eaten much vindaloo as the proper ones are a bit beyond my level of tolerance. But I’d be curious to hear the differences between the ones prepared by Goan chefs versus the ones that are prepared for Indian customers from other states. And if there is a difference, then the problem with the Bay Area is that there aren’t too many Goan restaurants.

Viva Goa in San Francisco has pork vindaloo. Since they are one of the very few Indian places around that flies the Goan flag, I imagine if you press them, they can make it to your specification or to the Goan specification.

Try this link:

I have never seen a proper Vindaloo in any Restaurant in the Bay Area. I have not been to Viva Goa but i see they use Potatoes so…
Most Restaurant’s Vindaloo are nothing like what Vindaloo is like in Goa.
Typically Picante but not mind blowing almost all the Heat and Color from Kashmiri Chilies. Green chilis are also used to up the Heat.
Fairly sour with Cane or Toddy Vinegar balanced with some Sugar.
Spicing tends to be simple Turmeric, Cloves, Black Pepper and Cinnamon. There are some People who use Coriander and/or Cumin. It does vary from Family to Family.
No Potatoes or Tomatoes!
Good luck on your Search but I bet you would get a more authentic one making it at home

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