SF Yakitori favorites?

Went out for yakitori last night, first time in a long time, remembered how much i like it. I am eating more high protien, low carb, and that’s easy at a yakitori joint - meat doesn’t come with fries by default. Easier to get the right food amount, unlike ordering a good burger. Not going to leave 20 percent of a well made burger on the table.

We went to kokko’s in San Mateo. They’ve added tables outside, and taken away a lot of inside tables. Part of the joy of the place is the dense tokyo feel of the place, on the other hand, no line is good. Food was good not great as usual. I always want them to put a little more char on the skewers, but ingredients are good. Kokkos is also open later, huge plus for those of us who eat at 8.30 on the European plan. No cocktails but very fresh beer in the Japanese style (one tap no choice means the tap stays clean and fresh).

The other places i go on the peninsula are (in general priority order)

Sumiko’s los altos - the best, but farther and not open as late.

Ginji, San Mateo - more traditional drinking spot with a broad menu but good yakitori and a bar you can sit at

Kemuri, rwc - they have a proper grill, but serve few skewers. Mostly grilled items. Good bar, love the smoked Manhattan, better selection of sake in single person servings.

Where else should i be visiting? Suggestions from the city, east bay, south Bay considered but honestly out of general range.

Haven’t been in a few years but ippuku in Berkeley. I also haven’t been to Hina in SF but it is on my list.

East Bay
Not Yakitori per we but in the vein of grilled skewers, our favorite is Oyama BBQ in Concord/Pleasant Hill, which does Chinese BBQ

Meats are grilled perfectly, at right size, with perfect ratio of meat and fat. The lamb and beef skewers are top notch. And there’s lot of variety of meats, veggies, and sides. They also hit it with a savory spice blend with cumin and chili powder. Place is very clean and has none of the smoke or grease in the air that find at other spots.

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