[SF] What to eat on Haight?

@kairo what are the other edible places on Haight? Just moved to the neighborhood but lamenting the culinary offerings :confused:

Welcome to the neighborhood… I work on the street myself. Well not literally on the street… but…
I haven’t been everywhere as I’m on a budget, but the main place I like is Parada 22. Dragoneats, while a very tourist friendly version of Vietnamese food, is at least inexpensive. I get the tofu noodle bowl for lunch fairly often.
Further up in Cole Valley I like the sandwiches at Say Cheese. I always heard good things about Alembic but it has changed hands so I am not sure what the situation is like now.
I haven’t been to any of the fancier places on Haight as I work retail (Magnoila, Maven, Sparrow), but anything that is Asian or budget oriented is going to be a slightly more expensive, watered down version of whatever that thing is.

Thanks for the the tips! And sorry to derail the thread…

The Tony’s Slice Shop on Haight is an excellent option for pizza. Palmyra was solid and cheap for Middle Eastern food, though I haven’t been in a few years.

Technically it’s on Frederick, but has anyone tried Kezar Pizzetta near UCSF?

The Al Pastor at Street Taco may be the best in SF.

Into Cole Valley, Ice Cream Bar for shakes and sundaes (ice cream themselves are good, but specialties are the thing to get there)

I like Street Taco and Tony’s, but Ice Cream Bar’s ice cream has had thicc ice crystals both times I’ve tried it. I want to like it, but so far I’ve been let down. Usually end up taking the N out to 9th/Irving for some decent eats