[SF] Takeout joint similar to Ran Kanom?

Is there any takeout joint in the city similar in quality to the old Ran Kanom in Richmond? Cuisines don’t matter. Thanks!

I’d elaborate what this inquiry is about.

Takeout joints like the closed Ran Kanom is great because during the week if there is not enough time to cook (and dine out), a container of dishes can easily make dinner, and quality makes a huge difference. They are often easily frozen. Takeout joints seems to often focus on the largest amount of food at the lowest cost, hence the desire to find quality ones around the city.

Getting from takeout joints is different from just taking regular restaurant dishes to go because restaurant dishes are often full sized and not easily stored.

Yesterday I was in the city and I ended up getting some Pasta Shop raviolis home to cook but that’s obviously not cooked food.


Two places that we use in the city for the above type of takeout are:

  • La palma for mexican food. Their tortillas, beans, rice and various kinds of meat keep for a fairly long time in the fridge and can be used to make multiple meals

  • Ming Kee for chinese roasted meats. Again supplements the rice and dahl we make and/or can be used with the tortillas from la palma to make another easy meal :slight_smile:

food from shalimar also keeps fairly well for a long time, but its not part of our regular routine :slight_smile:



Great topic!

I need to think a bit about places that have hot food ready to to. Some places that are better for reheating:

Pasta Gina in Noe Valley has salads, great meatballs, lasagna to bake at home, and homemade pasta.

Royal Market in the Outer Richmond has lots of great Eastern European prepaired foods, pickles, coleslaw, homemade pita-like bread.

Kukje in Daly City has the widest variety of prepared Korean foods. I like that they list ingredients in their banchan, which Woori on Fillmore doesn’t. Either way, Woori has good banchan.

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When I lived in North Beach I bought Tony’s meatballs, they were 6 large ones for $7. I’d cook them with fresh or dried pasta for a fast and easy meal. You would think that I could find something similar when I moved out of the neighborhood, but nothing has come close in price or flavor. Stockton near Union, this is Tony’s takeout shop, not the full service restaurant. Price may have increased by a buck or two since then.

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Thanks, now I remember theirs is made from nixtamal. I used to have a source of such tortillas near home that doesn’t make them any more so this will come in handy. How big of a bag do they sell the tortillas in?

Any Filipino joints sell quality cook foods in the city or just south of it?

I am starting to see storefronts in the South Bay that sells evening meals to the working population. I wonder if such things exist in the city.

they sell it by weight. so most packets have between 8 and 10 tortillas. the variety is quite impressive. their flour tortillas (for the kids primarily) might be by count


arent most of the good filipiono joints south of the city (south sf and daly city?)


Right. I think there are a number of them along Mission St, which dependent on which direction one goes, is either SF or Daly City. Not too concerned about the geographical boundary as long as its around that general area. I am not as familiar with SSF however.

I think my concern with Filipino takeout joints is that the selling point may be on price and quantity, so I am curious whether any competes on quality.

I forgot to mention marcellas lasagneria in the 3rd st corridor area (and while u r there, you can pick up some ice cream and other treats at mr and mrs miscellaeneous)

You can get lasagnas by the pan, they are not cheap, but its good quality



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