SF, SoMA: Chef Banks White returns to the Bay Area

We are long-time fans of Banks White, whose cooking we loved at FIVE/Berkeley (2009 through May 2013, when he left for NYC). Just before he left he was working on updated Southern dishes, and they were simply spectacular. We ate at FIVE just before he left, and were able to thank him in person for many great meals and wish him well.

According to Tablehopper, Zack Freitas has left Keystone restaurant and Banks White is taking his place. Sunday brunch is planned, and we are really hoping Chef White brings his fabulous biscuits to the Keystone table. We have tried the biscuits at many places, including Brown Sugar Kitchen, Pican, and Farmstead, but his biscuits were hands-down THE BEST: http://www.tablehopper.com/chatterbox/new-chefs-and-menu-updates-at-1760-and-the-keystone/.

68 4th St. at Mission St., SF

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