SF Saturday night, 7 people, near Bart, not on Opentable?

I need to make SF dinner plans near Bart for a group of 7 tomorrow night, and the only thing appealing on Opentable is Wise Sons, which we eat at a lot.

Does anything come to mind that might not be on there, or which is easy to score a Saturday night (6pm) reservation for? I may try for Limon Rotisserie. Any type of cuisine is a possibility!

Perennial is a block from Civic center bart. Their trout belly, trout, beef tartare, are good and they may have their beef shank for 2 special. Izakaya roku is a few blocks west of there.

Teo is always a decent option if you can’t come up with anything else because they are easy to get in at the last minute, decent food, and pleasant on the eyes for the non-hounds.

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how about Dosa on Valencia & 21st? maybe available that early…
Aslam’s Rasoi, also Valencia near 21st
Southpaw BBQ on Mission
Arabian Nights on Mission - for sure you can get a table there and despite the looks of the place (Disneylandish) the food is excellent
Have you tried Tawla? Valencia near 13th? excellent also, higher end, may be able to do something that early…

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Also El Buen Sabor - on Mission - Bernal but only about a 10-15 minute walk from Bart… or a bus.

Myriad Gastropub, on Mission near 21st
Mission Beach Cafe, Guerrero and 14th
Regalito Rosticerria, 18th btw Valencia and Mission
Hoffman’s Grill, Guerrero near 22nd

Thanks for the responses, and keep them coming— I have this situation pop up a lot.

I’ve floated people’s suggestions and they chose Hoffman’s or Limon. I couldn’t arrange for Hoffman’s tomorrow but will prioritize that next time!

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I had the same problem recently and then realized I needed to try Resy. Sure enough, a few options popped up.

which Limon are you going to? even thought the one on 21st is 2 blocks from my house, i actually prefer the one on Valencia a little better, food-wise. although it’s super noisy…

Ha, I just had this conversation! The noise level of the one one Valencia was a problem once, so I booked 21st (Parking for one of our guests) is also easier near 21st.

hopefully they won’t stick you in the “basement!” enjoy!

Yikes, we were indeed in the dungeon! Food was good overall, but poor sound design and loud music made conversation difficult. I’m glad to have your and others suggestions for future use— Arabian Nights is next on the queue, followed by Teo.

Foodwise, the lomo saltado, shrimp ceviche, whole chicken, and pulpo a la parilla were as good as I’ve had there in the past. The only big miss was the champignones anticucheros, which tasted like they’d reacted with the pan or with dish soap.

I’ve not been to Tawla yet, but want to check it out. At Southpaw, I found the BBQ jackfruit to be quite good, better than any of their meat dishes!

Do you have any dish recommendations for Mission Beach Cafe? They’re always crazy busy for brunch, but sparsely occupied at dinner.

i hate that dungeon! no fun at all.

re Mission Beach Cafe, i’ve never actually been for brunch. the burger is killer, like i have a hard time going there and not getting it. the pearl couscous mac & cheese is great. in truth i think i’ve liked everything i’ve had there (maybe the rabbit pot pie was a little mushy, but still tasty) - the only problem i have with them is they tend to repeat ingredients from one dish to another. so, the chef picks up organic carrots and they’re in each dish as a curried smear. this might have to do with the fact that i went twice in a very short period of time (reviewingfor Mission Local) but it was quite noticeable. probably less so if you go once every few months.