[SF, Richmond District] Lokma (brunch)

As I was driving out to the Richmond yesterday morning with my family to try the new Breadbelly, we found that it isn’t actually open for business yet. We happened upon a new place called Lokma, 1801 Clement St. At about 9:45 AM, there were some open tables, so we had breakfast, which turned out to be quite good. I had pancakes which were buried under granola, almonds, honey, blueberry compote, and Greek yogurt. If you like pancakes, this place has a great way with them. One person in our group had the Combo breakfast, which is pancakes/blueberry compote (currently), eggs, and really great gamey sausage called sujuk, and another had the Turlu Omelet (filling is a Turkish ratatouille).

This place was a nice surprise, since I had never even heard of it. I definitely want to go back to try the Turkish breakfast for 2.

Extremely friendly service.



Got some takeout from Lokma after a recent afternoon in the presidio.

Short rib: Pretty good. Tender short ribs in a gravy with rice. Though didn’t feel particularly Turkish.

Turlu and cous cous: this is an interesting dish with a medley of veggies on top of Israeli cous cous with a good deal of yogurt and herbs infusing a peppery flavors.

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