[SF Mission] Good Children

Good Children is selling ice cream and desserts out of the Dear Inga location on 18th between Valencia and Guerrero from 2-5 on Sundays. I think it’s Dear Inga’s pastry chef and bar manager running it, although I’m not totally sure. I’m not a huge ice cream guy but I think it’s some pretty good ice cream - better (softer, without just melting and falling apart) texture than almost everything I’ve had. Menu seems to have completely turned over every week for the past month or two, so if none of the current flavors strike your fancy, take another look next week. Short but respectable and creative cocktail menu as well, although it might not go well with ice cream. I’d say it’s worth checking out if you’re local. Preorder by Friday night if you want to guarantee anything specific, but I’ve had most of my options available by just walking up.