[SF, Mission] Aaha Indian Cuisine

Went here based on good y**p reviews and an interesting menu that features both north and south Indian dishes. Dinner was good and I would definitely go back.

Note that the menu is a bit different from the ones I saw online.

We ate:

  1. Gongura paneer biryani - Gongura is a sour, green leafy vegetable, which was cooked with sesame oil and paneer cubes then served under seasoned rice. The mixture was quite tasty and a moderate to large portion. Raita and a peanut-based sambal added additional flavors and textures, which improved the dish even further

  2. Eggplant in madras curry (name forgotten) - three baby eggplants were steamed, I think, and then cooked in a coconut and tomato based curry. The dish was very tasty, quite savory with a hint of sweetness, and went well with garlic naan.

  3. Andhra kara masala dosa - an almost 1.5ft long triangular dosa with spicy chutney spread on the inside blanketed some well cooked but somewhat unremarkable potatoes. The dosa was crispy and flavorful. It came with a sweet ginger and tomato chutney, sweet grated coconut chutney, and sambar.