[SF, Mission] Aaha Indian Cuisine

Went here based on good y**p reviews and an interesting menu that features both north and south Indian dishes. Dinner was good and I would definitely go back.

Note that the menu is a bit different from the ones I saw online.

We ate:

  1. Gongura paneer biryani - Gongura is a sour, green leafy vegetable, which was cooked with sesame oil and paneer cubes then served under seasoned rice. The mixture was quite tasty and a moderate to large portion. Raita and a peanut-based sambal added additional flavors and textures, which improved the dish even further

  2. Eggplant in madras curry (name forgotten) - three baby eggplants were steamed, I think, and then cooked in a coconut and tomato based curry. The dish was very tasty, quite savory with a hint of sweetness, and went well with garlic naan.

  3. Andhra kara masala dosa - an almost 1.5ft long triangular dosa with spicy chutney spread on the inside blanketed some well cooked but somewhat unremarkable potatoes. The dosa was crispy and flavorful. It came with a sweet ginger and tomato chutney, sweet grated coconut chutney, and sambar.


I had dinner at Aaha recently and thought it was very good.

I also had the Andhra kara masala dosa ($14), which was impressive looking, spicy with a chili chutney spread on the dosa, and quite crispy. Filled with some yellow potatoes and cooked onions. The sambar that came with was kind of bland, maybe could have used some salt? I liked both the cool coconut chutney and also the creamy tomato chutney (hidden behind the massive dosa). I’m not a dosa connoisseur but this was a very good dosa.

And also a tandoori pomfret ($18), which was also very good. I ordered this before via delivery, but it was much better straight out of the tandoor. A whole pomfret, slashed and marinated and covered in a nicely spiced tandoori paste. With a cool cilantro mint sauce on the side. Juicy firm fleshed fish.

Also had a cup of chai.


Chicken 65 ($13) very nice, lightly coated and crispy and spicy bright red exterior, tender interior. Came with cool cilantro mint chutney.

Ghee Roast Dosa ($13) took a while to come out but was worth the wait. Huge dosa that I had to use the extra wide angle camera to take a photo of. Thin and quite crispy with a slightly tangy taste. Also soaked in ghee, which gave it a nice buttery flavor but also got my hands super greasy. They also have a version of this stuffed with spiced potatoes for a dollar more. The accompanying sambar was better this time.


Finally got around to checking this place out, and it was very good, but definitely on the spicy side, including the dish ordered as “mild”. Whole pomfret, lamb biryani, and fried okra were more than enough for 2. I wouldn’t say I’m the most discerning eater of Indian food, but I was really impressed by everything.

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After reading these posts, it makes me want to eat xD