SF Magazine: Food Editor Luke Tsai Picks His 10 Favorite Meals of the Year



The Big 30
Three critics. Three top-10 lists. Three distinct points of view on what makes the Bay Area one of the most thrilling places in the world to dine out.

The Generalist By Josh Sens

The Vege-Hedonist By Rebecca Flint Marx

The Internationalist By Luke Tsai

2017 food Issue

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Hmmph- No full reviews for the SF restaurants on the editor’s top 10 list?

Hi sck,

I think that most of Luke Tsai’s picks are in the East Bay and I checked a few such as Reem’s, Delage and Cinco Taco Bar and they do have full-length reviews in Luke’s columns from the East Bay Express. Others might also.

My browsers won’t load those pages because of a “redirect loop”.

ETA: when I clicked on the “details” link in the error page, I was sent to the actual link. This was in Linux Chrome.

Hi Ernie in Berkeley,

  1. When I tried clicking on the links using an Android smartphone running Opera Mini browser, I got a message that there was a problem with the security certificate on the site and asked if I wanted to cancel or continue anyway. I cancelled and did not go to the site.

  2. When I created the links I was using Windows 10 on a desktop with the latest Chrome browser and the links worked without any error messages.

  3. Just curious, which LInux do you use? Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Red Hat, Chromebook? I have used Lubuntu at times in the past and see good reviews for the latest Kubuntu. ( a little off-topic, I know).

I don’t think you need to worry about security certificates on those pages. Try replacing “https” with “http” in the links.

I have a very old Ubuntu installation, old enough that I can’t even update my browsers. I really should upgrade.

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