SF Le Colonial: Geoffrey Deetz is now chef

Robert Lauriston posted this at FoodTalkCentral 3 weeks ago. Those who deeply miss the amazing Vietnamese cuisine at Temple Club/Oakland will be happy to know that the talented Geoffrey Deetz is now the chef over there!

“[Robert] just learned that Deetz has been the chef at Le Colonial/SF since October 2021. The regular menu’s pretty tame compared with The Temple Club’s, but it looks like he gets to do his own thing at occasional special dinners.”


Yes my wife and I have taken over at Le Colonial. Im the GM and Executive Chef as MY wife Quynh Nhu makes the desserts and help me run the restaurant. Now We can be as bold and bolder then when
were at The Temple Club.
Thank you all!


Any chance you will be serving your durian cheesecake at Le Colonial? :slight_smile:

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already am… we make a new batch tomorrow and will be ready Friday on. :slight_smile:


Of course. give me 48 hours notice and I’ll have it freshly baked by My wife Nhu.


Chris Macias in the SF Chronicle on Chef Geoff Deetz and his new endeavors at Le Colonial -

Excerpt -

The Temple Club was also a rush, one that placed Deetz on the Bay Area’s culinary map. In 2018, his take on Mi Quang Phu Chiem, a specialty of Vietnam’s Quang Nam province, was named “best noodles” in GQ magazine’s “The 13 Dishes (and Other Things) I Can’t Stop Thinking About.” It’s a dish with an array of flavors and textures, from the slight crunch of peanuts and creamy quail egg, to protein bombs of shrimp and pork over a bed of noodles.