[SF, Inner Sunset] The Korean Kitchen

Had lunch there with my wife yesterday. We got the seafood pancake ($10 @ lunch), which was quite a nice sized pancake with quite a bit of seafood in it. The pancake was very crispy, bonito flakes on top, a wee bit greasy, but super yummy.

We also got the galbi bibimbap in stone pot ($13 or so @ lunch). It had a nice assortment of vegetables (bean sprouts, mushrooms, spinach) along with 3 good sized, well marinated and cooked pieces of beef with a fried egg on top. Overall another good dish.

We liked this place slightly better than Manna, the prices are a but more ($2 / dish or so), but the portions also seem a bit bigger.

We took the fried chicken to go for dinner last nite. It came with cole slaw, fries and daikon. Cant really review / rate it very well, since we had it much later. The saucing was plentiful. the mild spice chicken was quite hot (i think they might have made a mistake and given us a hotter version)

Overall a great addition to the neighbourhood. Was reasonably busy at lunch yesterday. They charged us dinner prices for the lunch dishes but kinda apologized when we pointed it out to them and blamed their PoS system for this. We took the difference out from the tip and mentioned it to them