[SF, Haight] Berliner Berliner and Toronado

Been away for a while from the forum for a variety of reasons …

Thought I’d report on last week’s Covid-compliant visit to Toronado and Berliner Berliner.

Ah, Toronado, the beloved destination for people who love beer and surly, gruff bartenders. I’m happy to note they are serving their lovely brews again in two “parklets” that are now the new norm for a number of bars/eateries.

In order to drink beer in the parklet, you have to order food from Berliner Berliner as well. Not a problem, I think the place rocks, a worthy successor to the hey days of Rosamunde.

I had a fall version of Death and Taxes, and a pint of Pliny the Elder, along with a spicy lamb sausage sandwich, came with little home-pickled jalapenos and sweet peppers too.

The MO is a bit strange when you order. The chap at the counter retains your ID, hands you a chair after you place your order. The menu for both the bar and the brat place is online and pasted outside the bar. A former shadow of the raucous place Toronado was, but there you have it. When you pay your tab, you can return your chair and your glasses, if you so desire. Cash only, as ever.

Please support this institution whenever you can.


Thanks for the report, and viva Toronado. Good to hear that they have reopened. I had some sausages from Berliner Berliner before lockdown and it was basically like Rosamunde but with a slightly different sausage selection, which is good by me.

I should add that Berliner still does the Tuesday burger and it’s also available on Saturdays!

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I had a pint of Pliny from Toronado and a “Bavarian dish” from Berliner Berliner on Sunday. Bars can now serve without food so you can get your meal separately (or not) if you wish.

The Bavarian dish at Berliner is a couple of their skinny brats cut into bite size pieces, along with a pretzel, mustard, and sauerkraut. The pretzel was really good. Warm with a nice crunchy outside and softer interior. I also think it was covered with butter. Went great along with the beer along with the brat and kraut.


Thanks for the note! I am always on the hunt for fresh pretzels and good beer. In my neck of the woods, I think that’s Stein’s in Mt View — freshest pretzels and best beer selection. Downsides are high prices and overly techie clientele.


Cool, will have to check out Steins when down in the peninsula, always on the lookout for a nice brew.

If you would like to make an outing, das bierhaus a block away has good pretzels but a lower quality beer list, and the eureka! mini chain has some nice beers but i don’t think has fresh pretzels. With the focus on outdoor dining, all these places have more tables than usual. all three are within a block of each other and two blocks from Caltrain, now that maybe in our area the pandemic is on the run?

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another biergarden, two blocks away, just opened, ludwigs. previous biergardens in the same space were excellent.

Ludwigs Biergarten Mountain View
(650) 260-3833

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Toronado is back! And with a full beer list.

For lunch today I had an Alvarado Juicy Sweeper IPA with a beer sausage w/chili and cheese from Berliner Berliner.

And also a Fieldwork Citra Nu IIPA


Tuesday burger from Berliner Berliner! And a beer from Toronado (Moonraker No Plans No Problems). Good burger, and juicy - get a wet nap or two from the napkin station.

Note that to get in to Toronado now you need to show your vax card and ID at the door (like all bars and restaurants in SF). Have your mask on when ordering. Once you get your beer you can bring it outside if you want to sit in their parklet.