SF: Great food + low decibals?

Okay, So I’m of a “certain age”. When I go out for dinner I don’t want/need a party atmosphere bur rather a place where we can enjoy really good food AND hold a conversation with my partner. Like Che Fico wearing Bose headphones. Innovative Cal Med kitchen slant.

Any secret places out there you can recommend?

Check out Soundprint’s quite list.

Of places I’ve been to on that list, Plaj stands out as being quiet.

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Acquerello is pretty serene

Thanks, hyperbowler and brisket44. The list looks reliable but is heavy in super expensive and ethnic rooms. Thanks for the reminder about Firefly, which is the genre we are looking for. Simple, modern food at approachable prices. Plaj look very interesting.

Any more?

Looking at the list @hyperbowler posted, of the places I’ve been Seven Hills may fit the bill as well - not super expensive, Cal-Italian.

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Thanks, Mr. Happy. 7Hills does look good Will try to check it out.