[SF] Does anyone like/ dislike Alta MSP/ Alta?

I am thinking about checking out the Minnesota Street Project some time this/ next month. So I am thinking about grabbing a bite on premise at Alta MSP. Has anyone been? Like/ dislike? I presume its fairly similar to Alta on Market. so is anyone not so hot about Alta Market that I should think hard about eating at Alta MSP?

ETA: I don’t know if its my Google-fu sucks, but I only turned up one discussion from Chowhound that has 3 short replies about Alta, which is kinda weird considering the restaurant is run by a fairly high profile restaurant group after all…


We went to Alta MSP for lunch - about a month ago. The “warm bowls” were nothing special and my memory was the “main” ingredients were a little sparse. We had the ice cream desert ( I think the Candy Bar Sundae) and it was worth a stop if you’re in that area.

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Thanks. Just took a closer look at the MSP lunch menu- it’s really short. The warm bowls are all protein on fried rice. I was actually expecting New American. Other than that its the chicken sandwich or the burger or salad. The evening menu has more choices and is closer to the menu at Alta Market.