SF Chron's Chowbot: does it work?

SF Chron offers its new AI tool for restaurants: Find the perfect place to eat in the S.F. Bay Area right now with our AI bot. Our Chowbot can help you search through nearly 1,000 reviews from more than 50 restaurant guides, all written, edited and vetted by the Chronicle’s Food & Wine team: [free link]
Introducing: Chowbot

And in case you were wondering if it works – here’s MacKenzie Chung Fegan writing about her initial experience with Chowbot: [free link]
Our new food critic used our AI tool-here’s what happened

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I am curious to see other people’s experience with it. I tried it with a few different things and got the same response on almost every query - Looks like that’s one dish I haven’t mastered yet.

My first few requests might have been for things not in the database (salpicon, Hainan chicken and rice, ) but when I asked for Neapolitan pizza in north beach or just pizza in north beach it had no results. I did get a response when I asked for Nashville hot chicken in SF but it included Hot Sauce and Panko, which does not make Nashville hot chicken. I then tried a bunch of other requests and did get some recommendations but not ones I would necessarily go to. So overall I think that it needs more work.

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