SF Chinatown Coffe Shop nostalgia

(Gordon Wing) #1

came across some old menus among my grandfather’s belongings … he worked at Uncle’s Coffee Shop on Waverly in SF Chinatown. Here is a menu from October 1954 … looking for a way to post an image. ?

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I am curious- who was the clientele?

(Gordon Wing) #6

I can’t say I was around in the 50’s SF Chinatown but when I arrived in the mid 60’s - this coffee shop and a few others like it were doing good business. Many places in Chinatown didn’t have much in the way of kitchens and there were a lot of single men who came to work in the US - they frequented the coffee shops for an inexpensive meal and the social aspects. Families came into SF to do shopping for chinese goods/food that weren’t that readily available in the suburbs. seemed to be a lot of elderly Chinese who live in Chinatown also … as did many immigrants who started off there. ( that’s not so much the case today )