SF BBQ Pop Ups 2016

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Pop-Ups begat Brick-and-Mortars and new Pop-Ups appear in SF.
As recent as Friday Night April 1 - at Speakeasy Brewery (http://www.goodbeer.com) in the Bayview/Hunters Point neighborhood, Native Sons BBQ brings Texas-style BBQ to San Francisco to feast our delights.
We have two SF native sons smoking the best barbecue delights since I tasted Texas BBQ in Lexington at Snow’s, Austin at Franklin’s, and Lockhart at Kreuz.

Native Sons BBQ pop ups are twice a month - a search for the pop up calendar is BBQ worthy for Brisket, Beef Shortribs, Pork Ribs. We had sides of Cheese Grits and Potato Salad. Taste is tender, moist, fatty with pink smoke ring, bark, and mouthfeel chew to perfection - perfumed with smoke on oak. No charcoal. No injections. No brine. Salt and Pepper rub. Prime cuts.

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