[SF Bay Area] Trip Report 4/11 to 4/13

We have two more days here. Our only real life food friend lives here. He is a lot more “normal” so we let him choose everything on Day 1 in Mountain View for a different experience:

Zareen’s (Pakistani Food)
Somisomi soft serve and taiyaki (interesting concept)
Tea Era bubble tea (no frills cash only hole in wall)
Happy Lemon bubble tea
Maison Alyzee (passed by so many times and dragged him in)
Happy Lamb hotpot

Croissants at Maison were the highlight. Enjoyed hotpot, wasn’t expecting that.

Going to House of Bagel this morning. Maybe Tony’s Pizza in San Francisco and Fentons in Oakland later. Feel free to give warnings as well as other suggestions and alternatives nearby these places.

Anyone know of a bubble tea shop here that makes their own tapioca balls?

Will post pics later when we return.


Not sure if they make their own tapioca balls but the best overall boba shop we had so far in the Bay Area (by a quite big margin) is Boba Bliss in Mountain View)


Maybe it’s too late, but I would suggest trying Daily Driver, Midnite bagels Schlocks over House of Bagel.

Tony’s is solid for a wide variety of pizza. There are a lot pizza options, Pizza Hacker, Ragazza/Gialina, Pizzeria Delfina and Damn Fine re others to consider, but I’ve never been disappointed in Tony’s.

I’ve never understood the appeal of Fenton’s (but I know some like it) and would suggest Bi-RIte or Sunday Social (aka Mr. and Mrs Miscellaneous).

You could hit Delfina pizzeria for lunch Bi-RIte for ice cream and as they are across the street from each other, eat your ice cream in Dolores Park.

ETA - I see Sunday Social is closed on Tuesdays.


We are here at Dolores Park right now! Thanks so much for the recs. Unfortunately, our host has made it known Tony’s and Fentons are non negotiable. Instead of bagels, we ended up at Tartine.

Not as superb as I had hoped after all these years, but solid. Green garlic scones and cream/jelly brioche buns were standouts. Very pricey though.

Off to ferry building area for Red Bay coffee. I think. Obviously host is capricious, but that’s part of the fun.


Nice, have fun! As I said I’ve never been disappointed in Tony’s so I think you’ll enjoy it.


Talk him into Red’s!


Where are you from? Sorry, I forgot.
Have fun.

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Try to hit Golden Boy Pizza on Green near Grant in North Beach, they sell by the slice and heat up individual slices in toaster oven. Square slices, yeasty and crunchy. Very delicious.


Orange vendor outside ferry building. Daily driver was out of pretzels, but bagel was nice, didn’t have to toast it.


At Tony’s.

Fried brooklyn Calzone. Slightly underseasoned but great.

Spicy Grandma. Our favorite.

Honey Pie. Unique crust. Need more cheese and lot more honey. Hard to eat. Still good, though.


Lush Gelato. Fresh and vibrant. We got Vietnamese Cinnamon, lemon sorbet, and Boston creme pie. If I wasn’t full, I would have gone for the mint chocolate and honey lavender. Flavors are crafted with care. Chatted with the ice cream chef for a long time.


Would you have any specific drink recommendations?

Ooo! Delores Park is always nice . Seems chilly today out here near the central valley. Maybe that means it’s warmer there. Nice oranges at Twin Girls!

I don’t get Fenton’s either, but I’ve only tried the Nut Tree version.

It’s so unbearably windy and chilly, my head hurts right now on the Golden Gate walkway. Worth it for the gorgeous views, though.

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Oooo! Sometimes the Golden Gate seems like the coldest place on earth! Unless you are not from California.


Super recs. Worth pinning,


Get used it. Our increasingly horrendous winds are part of global warming. A native, I’ve watched winds increase exponentially in the last 5 to 10 years.

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The Creme Brulee Pearl Latte is their signature boba drink for a good reason


Muir Beach was much better but now we’re back at the Palace of Fine Arts and it’s like before. Yet so beautiful.


Super windy in the bay today!
It sounds like you had fun on both sides of the bridge. I had a spur of inspiration as you are in my hometown. Are you looking for more to do tomorrow? Here are some ideas!

If you are on the East Bay side…
If you want more pizza, go for slices at GIOIA in north berkeley. There is also Monterey Fish Market, a lovely cheese shop, and the Botanical nursery right there with the best produce store in the Bay across the street at Monterey Market
Delightful Indian food up the street (Solano Ave) at AJANTA. Open for dinner only.
Or go the other direction and end up at San Pablo where Acme Bread is next to Kermit Lynch wine sellers and BARTAVELLA - open from 8am to 2pm and has lovely breakfast and lunch items to take or eat outdoors at a few small tables.
Back in SF?
Perhaps try out Heart of the City farmers market at the United Nations Plaza (which we should all apologize for how dirty it is) and enjoy the spring produce. Up the street you could lunch at ZUNI CAFE or head over to Bernal Heights and enjoy lunch on the protected patio and then a walk around the Bernal Peak to make room before noshing at NOETECA with some wine or having fun at WILD SIDE WEST before getting dinner.

Hope that sparks some fun!