SF Bay Area Seafood. Best sources and suggestions.

We love seafood, and feel privileged to share any special finds for any delicious Bay Area seafood. Swimming, fresh, frozen and whatever.

Half Moon Bay today, Wednesday August 14. The Roma was selling Albacore Tuna freshly line-harvested from Ft. Bragg within the last 48 hours. Roma’s hold is packed with fresh (never frozen) albacore on ice. Ranging from 10lb ~ 25lb, $4.50 per lb!!!

My seafood loving partner is breaking down our 11lb’er now. Will post some pics on the WFD thread if any of the pics are Onion-worthy.


Nice pickup. Try this out…good blend for albies


Not wholesale nor just OTB, but fresh and reasonable with good selection is Seafood Center, Clement Street, SF. Fair selection of butchered fish, better of whole. Monterey squid, whatever is fresh catch. Tanked shellfish, crab and lobster, adequate in a pinch. The place always “smells like the ocean”.

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There’s Sun Fat in the Mission for (relatively cheap) oysters. And other seafood as well, but I’ve only gotten oysters from there.

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Pacific Seafood, on Stockton St. in Chinatown, has a small but usually very fresh selection of seafood. Our go to place in C-town.

My neighbors run a fishing boat out of HMB and sell it at the Berkeley, El Cerrito and Kensington farmers markets.


They started out by selling it out of the back of their truck, right in front of their house. It’s kind of pricey, especially compared with the prices down at the piers.

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Thanks for the tip, I have been looking for local squid and nobody in my neighborhood sells it the way I prefer (I prefer that they don’t clean it for me, and while Sun Fat is good for other seafood, they and Whole Foods always sell it precleaned and cut).

Does anyone know of good sources for seafood in the southeastern part of the city? I used to go to Manila Oriental Market for some items but won’t shop there anymore because of poor customer service. Is there anything else around the Excelsior/Portola?

East Bay (correction from previous post):
•Marina Fish, 16021 East 14th Street, San Leandro. Selection varies with the seasons and time of day, but the quality is excellent and the woman who helped us was so friendly. She even gave us a tip that the selections are often cheaper in their shop than at their stalls at the farmers’ markets. I’m looking forward to heading there when it’s Dungeness crab season
•Whoever is at the Castro Valley market on Saturdays (I think it’s Mission Fish). Quality is really good, but when you buy whole fish, ask if it’s been gutted. They’ll gut it for you, but we once bought a fish and didn’t realize until we got home that it wasn’t gutted.


DIY seafood, straight from the source.

Clamming at Pillar Point and Dillon Beach

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Beautiful drive to Half Moon Bay today, rare full blast sunny day on the coast with temps in the 70’s. Forecast is even warmer for the weekend, gonna be a zoo on that stretch of hwy 1, what with pumpkin season coming up and all.

Johnson Pier:

  • one boat selling Albacore in the round @ $4/lb.
  • another with fresh caught salmon and live lingcod.
  • one boat with live rock cod.

I was ready for some Black Cod, but none available today. Gladly settled for some Kingfish (Yellow Croaker) off the Bare Bones. Fish were caught this morning between 8~10am, just offshore. ZZ Top lookalike confirmed the fish were caught on sabiki rigs tipped with squid. We scored 5lbs @ $5/lb, an even dozen good size Croakers.

Resident fish lover breaking down our catch now. Very fresh and firm. Will pop in the oven for a half hour, and enjoy with a sauce of Yuzu, Thai chile and scallion.

Should be more variety on the pier for the weekend.


Good stuff. What kind of salmon was that, chinook?

We didn’t check on the salmon this time. Best of my recollection, mostly Kings in the past.