[SF Bay Area] Mail Order / Subscription Goods

We had a guest over this weekend who left us a generous gift and always ships us various goodies from the Bay Area. I was looking for some mail order or local delivery of food items to send them. Something like an ice cream club subscription or bread club subscription. I’m thinking a weekly delivery for 4 weeks or so. This will be sent to an apartment in Mountain View, in case that matters. Thanks for any suggestions.


I have gifted Jeni’s ice cream box dozens of times. The only catch is someone needs to be home at time of delivery.

Always a fun surprise or you can buy a gift cert and let your recipient pick their flavors out.

Not a subscription but a nice gift would be Michael’s Chocolates, he won best in show at the last chocolate festival I went to

I’ve had great experiences ordering from Zingerman’s in the past, they have a number of different subscriptions (brownie subscription?!!).

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Not a subscription, but you can send them breads from some of the better known bakeries like Tartine and Josey Baker from the Bay Area via Good Eggs. Lots of other good food stuff as well.

You probably don’t want to get As Kneaded bread for them. Its sold in the Mt View farmers market. Acme is everywhere so don’t get that.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I will post back here when we decide what to get and also whether or not the recipient enjoyed it. (We are very close, total food honesty.)