[SF] Bargain Chronicles, 2017 Edition

I haven’t worked through all of those but I thought some of the choices are quite interesting. It provides some good ideas for a budget meal. Granted the price point is different, but these lists seem a lot more colorful and reflect the diversity of the food scene a lot better than e.g. the Bib Gourmand list.

Bayview- Paolo Lucchesi

Tenderloin- Justin Philips

Bernal Heights, Bernal-Mission- Tara Duggan

Chinatown- Jon Kauffman

24th Street, Mission- Sarah Fritsche

Inner Richmond- Esther Mobley

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Has anyone been to Libby Jane from Philips’ list? A big thumbs up from the Louisiana native. I don’t think it has ever been mentioned here or on Chowhound.

Some other eclectic choices from Philips:

Tadu, which was reported by @hhc in 2015.

Bang San for Thai halal.

On the 24th Street, Fritsche has the Salvardoran place La Santaneca De La Mission that @mariacarmen gave a big thumbs up last month. Yum…pupusas…

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Some good tips in there but some suspect ones as well. Finally got to try Smokin Warehouse BBQ in Bayview on Friday (hours are M-F til 4:00, so tough to get to unless you work near there) and was impressed with the brisket, pork ribs, and baked beans loaded with pulled pork - not so much the hot links, cornbread or mac-n-cheese. I would ask for the sauce on the side next time. About half the price of 4505 on Divis and better IMO. Have not been to Buen Comer but all reports I’ve gotten say overpriced and mediocre. Love Balompie and Red Hill Station. Not really a fan of Ichi, though I have not tried their $8 hot dog. The last pastrami I had at Wise Sons made me not want to return, although I did have a decent bagel with lox at their Jewish Museum outpost a couple weekends ago. Old Devil Moon is one of my favorite bars - great beer selection, reasonably priced cocktails, patio and spacious atmosphere, but their po-boys are not good, the bread is off and skimpy fillings. The burger deal at Big Rec Taproom is a true bargain since beers are in the $7-$9 range, so a burger and beer for $10 is a steal. No fries but the burger was very good and decent beer selection.

There’s another branch of Smokin Warehouse on Sacramento x Masonic. Buen Comer is very close to my house, but I think I’m done with them. Their food is overall okay. The thing I hate is that their tortillas are made of gold or something–they’re tiny and they actively try to short you. I prefer Gallardo’s, where the tortillas are fresh and delicious and plentiful. Balompie is okay, but they are slow and very frequently forget orders. Old Devil Moon is always actively tweaking their recipes (and the bread used for the po boys), and they recently added menu items, so I’d give their food another chance.

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