[SF] Angler- how's the food?

Ok, just for the heck of it, I made reservations a month from now at Angler. Has anyone been? How’s the food? Is it worth going?

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I liked most of what I had there quite a lot. You can quibble about value because it’s certainly still not cheap (we got out for around $330 or so for two before tip, although we did hit some of the pretty expensive bites and had a few drinks).

The two standouts for me were the uni and the New Orleans dessert. The uni is served in the shell with a lobster “sauce” (seemed like a thin bisque) that’s ridiculously good. I’d think of it more as a lobster soup with some uni in it. The server said an entire lobster goes into the sauce for each dish, and it shows. Probably explains the $40 price tag. As for the dessert, it’s basically a New Orleans coffee with chicory in ice cream sundae form. What can I say, I like that kind of thing. Menu says “embered” caramel but I couldn’t taste any smoke on it at all.

The potato is pretty cool. It’s basically sliced and then reconstituted into potato shape. It’s neat looking and the cream sauce is tasty, but there might be a bit too much hard shell around the edges from the cooking technique. I hadn’t seen anything like it before.

Antelope tartare was kind of blander than I’d expected. Hen of the woods mushroom in hot sauce too, for that matter. Both still pretty decent, but not as different as I would hope for. I think the hot sauce is the same as they use for the antelope dishes at Saison. Fried blowfish tails are basically a higher end version of salt and pepper fish.

I do also really enjoy the tray of condiments with the ridiculous octopus salt shaker. Actually, the pickled peppers on that tray were also great. I’m told the toilet paper in the bathrooms is also held by an octopus. The whole space is generally pretty visually busy.

The GM recommended the radicchio to some industry guy who sat next to us. We also saw some ridiculously large rice cracker things (looked like giant chicharrones) come out with one of the crudos that looked like fun.


Thanks for the report! The uni dish sounds delicious. Entire lobster into the sauce. Phew. How many bites of ‘soup’ is it? What’s the color?

What kind of seafood do they have in the tanks? Are they visible from the dining room?

It’s enough soup to fill the urchin shell…so not a huge amount, but you’ll definitely have more bites of soup than uni. It’s basically the same color as the uni, maybe a touch more orange, but that might just be my memory failing me.

I didn’t notice any tanks from the dining room, but some pictures suggest they’re visible from the right side of the bar.

some tanks about 10ft right of the bar, up against the wall, think I saw a spider or king crab in one of the tanks hanging out…

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Do you like the food?

I was there a couple weeks ago. I was really surprised at how much I liked it and how good the restaurant was. It’s expensive and if you are looking for large quantities of food it’s probably not the right place. But I found every dish to be exceptionally well-prepared.

I thought the whole petrale sole was very good and flavorful. The potato was also really good. I liked the antelope tartare more than splonk did. It is quite delicate but I liked the soft texture. The oysters were also very fresh. The cocktails were also very well done – especially the Tuxedo #3.

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I cancelled my reservation for tonight. Its raining. Don’t want to drive after the first rains of the season. Next time then. The reports are great though, thanks!

I don’t know if its because of Thanksgiving week or the air, reservations are very available. Nothing was available a month ago.