Seville, Andalusia: Tasting Tapas Assorted Venues

Pavias de Bacalao, a cod fish tapa, prepared from fried strips of fresh or salt cod in a flour and saffron batter is the cat´s meow. Where: El Rinconcillo, Calle Gerona 40.

Another gem is: Mojamas de pescado prepared with red tuna or Ling Roe, caught off the coast of Cadiz and pressed very finely with a drizzle of Evoo before serving. Where: Bar A. Romero, Calle Gamazo 16.

Eating tapas is still a ritual in Sevilla, and there are approx. 4.000 + bars.

For carnivores, a must is Punta de Solomillo, a beef sirloin prepared with sherry dry white wine and garlic, and Evoo. The meat is sliced into bite sized pieces and marinated in sea salt and Evoo. Then they are sautéed gently for 1 and a half or 2 minutes per side. Where: Sol y Sombra, Calle Castilla 151.


Is there any restaurant / Tapas that resembles the old “La Dorada” in Sevilla? I realize Chanquetes and Angulas are long gone delicacies belonging to another era, but the variety and quality of the offering at the bar was superb…

For pescaíto frito, have you been to Freiduría La Isla on García de Vinuesa. My Seville friends swear by it for fried fish. And it’s been Guía Repsol recommended.

And for something new, La Barra de Inchausti now has an adjoining restaurant. This is the family from the now closed La Moneda.

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Thank you Maribel, I am only dreaming of another trip to Sevilla, and taking hints. Are you old enough to have known La Dorada in the 80’s and 90’s?
XXX, Jean.

Yep, I’m also old enough to remember the serenos (Madrid’s “night watchmen”)—had one for my building–dining at Jockey and asking for the “menú turístico” (the Ministro de Información y Turismo, Fraga Iribarne’s invention and a requirement even at 4 fork restaurants).

These were other times! I could write a book about travelling from Paris to our finca near Malaga in a Gibraltar registered Mercedes in the 70s… I never had a chance to go to Jockey, rarely stayed in Madrid, and my only memories are at the Ritz :o)

Does anyone have any more recommendations for places to have tapas in Seville? My friend is heading there tomorrow.

My favorite Seville tapas bars:

*Eslava (unmissable)
La Azotea (the one on Conde de Barajas)
La Casa del Tigre & Petit Comité (same owners)
Bodeguita Romero
Casa Morales
La Barra de Cañabota (for seafood)
Tradevo Centro

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Meant to add that you can find all the above reviewed by neighborhood at

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Muchas gracias, @Maribel .