Seven Stars Pepper coming to Belltown (SEA)

Coming home from SLU today, I noticed signage for SpiceUp Szechuan restaurant on Bell St between 3rd & 4th. There was paper on the windows so hard to say how close they are, but it appears to be the outpost of Seven Stars Pepper that’s been in the works over the winter. The space used to be Acquabar, if anyone ever went there. (I didn’t). Eater mention from August: You know I love the ma la, so I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

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Interesting. I gave up on 7 Stars–years ago I loved them but in recent years I haven’t been able to get anything spicy/ma la out of them–but I would probably check this new place out.

I’ve only been to the one in the ID twice, and IIRC both times were vaguely disappointing, I felt like I must have ordered the wrong thing. Still, hope springs eternal.