Set Upstate NY free!

In my humble opinion, the NYC suburbs in Connecticut and NJ, Westchester County, and Long Island belong in the same regional category as NYC. Upstate NY does not start until at least Sullivan County. There is a lot of good food up here but we get run over by Gotham.


Well I guess it depends on how close you live to the city. For a long time, I was such a downtown person that I rarely got above 14th street unless I was going to my office in midtown. As far as I was concerned upstate started at Central Park North. :wink:

From a practical standpoint, adding the tristate counties into the board with NYC would add no real value to me as there very little chance I will ever get up to Westchester for a meal. I think the more limiting factor is the lack of postings about regional dining in general outside of NJ compared to what there used to be on the old CH.


AS a (somewhat) disabled person, I disagree completely. I’ve lived near NYC my entire life and always felt that this area was under-served as far as restaurants go because we are so close to NYC. Instead we get NYC prices but not the quality (however that is just a pet peeve). However, going back to my disability,NYC is basically either not manageable or barely accessible to me. I’m more mobile in a car than any other way, so the Westchester and lower CT. advice is far more important to me, and I would guess to many in this area There was a time when this area was fully functional but for a truly special time a trip to NYC was considered routine, those days have passed.

I’d say that there should be a third category, because it doesn’t make sense to combine NYC with the broader tri-state area to anyone living and eating in NYC, or those visiting.

Might also be accomplished with a tag rather than a separate region.

In any case, this would probably get the attention it needs from mods if it were over in Site Discussions. @LeCoqNoir you may want to flag your post to request mod attention.

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Thanks for the tip.

This is a pet peeve of mine, when people (and often the press) consider anything north of Putnam (or even Westchester) “upstate” (like the old New Yorker poster). In fact, I just noticed an article on “upstate breweries” on the Edible Hudson Valley site that included one in Peekskill! Tell us you’re writing from a NYC perspective without saying it, why don’t you.

Anyway, and I guess what I’m trying to say is, the dividing line for upstate is going to be an issue if you want to create an “upstate” board here.

That is a never-ending debate. Some set the line at I-84. The US Census prior to 2010 included Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam counties in the NYC metro area, i.e. not Upstate. Many people consider Orange and Dutchess to also be downstate. Whether Sullivan, Ulster, and even Columbia are Upstate is a matter of debate. But there is no question that once you reach the Catskills, you are Upstate. And many here would be happy to lump Albany in with NYC!

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But the Catskills are in Sullivan County, aren’t they?

The Catskills are in Delaware, Greene, Schoharie, Sullivan, and Ulster counties. Catskill State Park, at 700,000 acres nearly as large as Yosemite National Park, is in all those counties except Schoharie. While there is no official definition of Upstate NY, Sullivan and Ulster are generally thought of as Downstate. However, it would make sense to consider all of the Park to be Upstate.

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I’ve always found the discussions of what is upstate NY very amusing. I grew up in a suburb of Albany and upstate was Lake Placid. Many folks describe anything in the western 3/4 of the state as upstate but it’s western NY which is a whole separate thing.

Maybe the split could be NYC and the rest of NY? To be honest I’m not sure what to do with Long Island in this scenario.

Said by someone who lives in NJ now.


The right-wing whackos in Upstate NY are constantly yammering about separating from NYC without considering that it would cause our taxes to double. Binghamton, where I live is almost exactly halfway between NYC and Buffalo. Syracuse, an hour north of here, is halfway between Albany and Buffalo. So, technically we are central NY. The term “Upstate” generally refers to parts of the state from which people do not commute to NYC. Lake Placid, by the way, is the beginning of the North Country.

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I couldn’t agree with you more!!! Upstate does not go west. I’m of the opinion that the East-West axis of upstate is no wider than Manhattan with a bit of The Bronx to round out the eastern border.
Bingham is not that far up into NY, what maybe 10 miles to the PA border?

I lived in Syracuse for 1 year - there was a blizzard. The Sprout went to school in Rochester so we drove by Binghamton and Syracuse often.

When we skipped classes in high school we usually ended up in Saratoga or Lake George. I guess not quite North Country.

Ah North Country!

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Yes, Upstate NY does go west. Buffalo is in western NY but is still Upstate. In fact, all of NY is Upstate except for NYC and its suburbs.

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Ohhhhh. I did not know that. Thanks.