Sequim, WA, top of Olympic Peninsula?

I’m spending Thanksgiving weekend with an old friend near Sequim. Does anyone have any suggestions of places to eat?

The bad news? Sequim has very slim pickins. The good news? It’s better than Forks. You might try Purple Haze Lavender Farm.

My recommendation is a short drive to Port Towshend, where there are several good choices. My faves are the Fountain Court (once deservedly named one of Washington’s “50 Best”), and Siren’s. PT also has an excellent bakery , Pane D’Amore. Bonus: PT actually has an excellent indie kitchen shop, What’s Cookin’, and a unimaginatively-named spice shop, the Spice & Tea Exchange.

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Too late for the OP but our go to in Sequim is Alder Wood Bistro, 139 West Alder Street, (360-683-4321).

Last visit this summer we also enjoyed Purple Hze Lavender Farms. Dockside Grill in the John Wayne Marina was good for their crab appetizer, seafood salad, bisque along with sweet prawns and scallops. We also ate at the Oak Table, Third & Bell, though I can’t recall what we had, decent enough.



Thanks Dave, for these recommendations. I canceled my trip and spent Thanksgiving emptying out freezers and the refrigerator after 8 days without electricity! I’ll come back to this post when I reschedule. In the meantime, the good news is I’ve got lots of freezer space!

I’m also heading to Dungeness near Sequim next week. I’ll be in Port Townsend for a week after that, but in a place with meals provided. Good ideas here…anything new on Sequim/Dungeness? I will have a kitchen so would love to get ideas on good seafood/other shops.

Answering my own question after the trip: a couple of pretty good meals are to be had in Sequim (which, if you’re like me, will need to know that it’s pronounced “Squim”!)

Best: Blondie’s Plate. I sat at the bar and had a special, a big pile of small, sweet local clams cooked up in a cream-bacon-jalapeno broth, which sounds heavy but actually wasn’t. Excellent! I was also talked into having a berry crumble for dessert, which was also stellar, but so enormous it was like I had ordered another entree. Somehow I managed to finish the whole thing, including a cup of whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, though :open_mouth:

Second best: Alder Wood Bistro. I first had a strawberry-goat cheese salad, always a winner, especially with absolutely transcendental local strawberries. I then had the fried oyster appetizer, and they were also quite tasty and fresh and well-made, not too heavily battered. Decent, not great, wine list.

Third best: Next Door Gastropub in Port Angeles. Good beer list, and I had the citrus crab salad, which was satisfying and had a nice dressing, though it was not write-home-about quality. I sat at the bar, which was very busy, but service was very responsive anyway, which I appreciated.

A few takeout things: one roast beef sandwich from Hardy’s Market, which gets rapturous reviews but really didn’t deliver that great of a sandwich (fine, but nothing special, and quite expensive for a pretty pedestrian and not-very-big piece of food). One salad from Pacific Pantry, which I liked a lot (mixed greens, beets, hazelnuts, goat cheese–nothing exciting, but well-put-together and with a nice citrus dressing). Pacific Pantry’s menu is quite brief but the food was nice. Watch out for the alcohol prices–I bought a single 20-ounce bottle of cider and was taken aback when it cost $11, more than the salad!