September! Boston! Openings and/or closings!

well, i’m a day late but here it is. A shiny new thread for Boston openings and closings. Whatcha got?

loui loui louisiana seafood is opening in the old boston kabob company location on brighton ave in allston

two peck chicken pie is opening in the old dim sum chef location in the food court at hong kong market in allston

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I always count on Galangatron to hip me to the newest, best, most delicious. Plus, he’s my Saturday lunch bud. We occasionally welcome other folks to join us for interesting, cheap, delectable, ethnic Saturday lunches. Reply here if interested.

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according to Hidden Boston, the Pizzeria Uno in Harvard Square is closing due to high rents. demonstrating that even corporate chains can’t afford to operate in this sort of space anymore.

Per the Boston Globe, the Blue Room reopened more than a year after the fire that closed it.

Going to Wegmans in Burlington yesty, I noticed that Paul Bakery is gone (it lasted but a year), replaced by Pop-Up Cafe. It seems the initial plan is for it to be there just a few months, until a permanent tenant signs on, but should it be wildly successful, it could be that tenant. I did not go in. Their business plan is fast casual sandwiches, salads, etc., to eat in or to go. Wegmans’s food court serves the same niche.

Wow, that Paul Bakery wasn’t there long at all . . . that was a huge build out too.

multiple sources (hiddenboston first on it, i imagine) reporting that Quincy’s Pho Countryside will be opening in Kenmore Square in the space left by Josephine. Anyone been to the Quincy outpost? menu looks really promising…

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The Quincy outpost is quite good, and my preferred place to go for Vietnamese in Quincy. It’s easier for me to go there than struggle with the parking at some of the Vietnamese places in neighboring Dorchester, and I generally find the food to be on par. As a big plus, the place is clean, even the bathrooms. How many good places Asian places can claim a clean bathroom? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not so much a new opening, but it looks like Hannafords on Hancock St in Quincy is ready to make the switch over to the Big Y next weekend. Stopped by yesterday, and they’re starting to remove all the Hannaford branded products. You’d think there was french toast alert with the bareness on some of the shelves. I have no experience with the Big Y – would love to get feedback from those who’ve shopped there before.

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from the more-news-from-multiple-sources-about-future-openings department: NYC’s Num Pang, the Cambodian inspired sandwich shop, will be opening in the Prudential Center in the late fall. I’ve been to the original location–it was quite good–so this could be a good addition to the area.

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I think it’s safe to say Opa Greek Gyros in Davis Square is not just on vacation. Despite the sign in the window, it’s been several weeks with no signs of life. Also, Somerville Scout reported that the owner’s plan to also open Davis square donuts and bagels in the building next to the Rosebud has been abandoned.

Rumor has it that the East Side Grill in East Cambridge is closed. Owner neglected to pay its taxes. That and the Sunset Cafe down the street being shuttered makes the old school drinking vibe go down, but there is still the bar at Portugalia and other places.

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sounds cool! I’d be interested in joining you.

That’s too bad. Hopefully they get it straightened out and reopen. One of the last family oriented old school places in the area.

Aw, that’s sad about East Side. We really enjoyed that place when we wanted solid comfort food in an unpretentious environment.

live noodles on comm ave in allston appears to have reopened

I don’t think I had heard of this place previously. Hand pulled noodles, huh? That looks promising!

Hidden Boston is reporting Pink Samurai is closed and windows papered over. The saga of this place is really something.

Did Pink Samurai ever actually open?