September 2017, Boston + environs, openings and closings!

Hey look, I made it on time this month. What’s throwing open their doors? What’s slamming 'em shut?

I’m not sure when this happened, but Chung Ki Wa in Medford is now Sura BBQ. I haven’t tried the new place, but really liked Chung Ki Wa.

thmor da on shirley ave in revere is on vacation 9/12-10/4

thanks galangatron, this is really helpful. i’ve been waiting until the summer beach scene cleared out for a run to Revere to hit a few spots, and Thmor Da was def. in the mix. Wouldn’t have known they’d be shuttered temporarily without this. Appreciated.

china gourmet on tyler street in chinatown has added a handful of sichuan dishes to the menu

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Interesting news. I wonder if the Medford locale is associated with the mini chain in Rhode Island. My parents have more experience with the RI restaurants and find them decent (but, of course, they’ve learned to temper their expectations when eating Korean outside of Flushing or Edison NJ).

yes, it’s the same people who run the Providence and Johnstown spots. Sura in Medford took over the place late last year sometime. I’ve been to the one in Providence, it was ok but nothing special.

not an opening or closing, but maybe it bears mention that on September 24th Central Flea is having a dumpling festival. I know often that food events like these can either underwhelm or be overcrowded, but the lineup of restaurants for this one looks at least sort of semi-promising:

Bao Nation
Dumpling House
Dumpling Palace
Gourmet Dumpling House
Happy Lamb Hot Pot
Hong Kong Restaurant
Mei Mei
Moyzilla Food Truck
Patty Chens Dumpling Room
Quingdao Garden
Royal East
Sate Grill Food Truck
Shaghai Fresh
Thelonious Monkfish
Tom’s Bao Bao

Central Flea Dumpling Festival


Thanks. Looks promising.

My parents go strictly to the Johnston location. The Providence one has a nicer atmosphere but is a bit geared to a younger crowd (ie, hipsters).

joy luck hot pot restaurant on kneeland street in chinatown is now joy luck szechuan restaurant

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p & c market and caribbean cuisine has opened in the old quetzaly taqueria location on lebanon street in malden

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thanks for the tip! fwiw, they have a (WARNING: loud autoplay music with sirens embedded and seemingly unmuteable) website. I’ll try and scope this one out some upcoming weekend. Lalo on Fridays.

Semolina Kitchen is open on Boston Ave in Medford. By the owners of Dave’s Fresh Pasta, it’s touting itself as an all day affair. Anyone been?

this is old but a haitian restaurant named salem wood cafe restaurant has opened in the old salem wood cafe location on salem street in malden

yes, i went two weeks ago with a few girlfriends for dinner. one of my friends is vegan and so she just got a pizza without the cheese. she said it was really good (loved the sauce) and the crust looked nice. i didn’t try it though because i was unbelievably full. myself and my other two non-vegan friends split 3 pastas. the cacio e pepe, pappardelle puttanesca and a shrimp scampi special that was also over pappardelle. the fresh pasta was excellent. i thought the puttanesca was the standout - very flavorful and fresh. the shrimp were delicious in the scampi but i didn’t think the sauce on that or the cacio e pepe was particularly flavorful. we also got two liter carafes of their house red, which was perfect for $36. i don’t remember exactly how much the bill was but i thought the price was a good value for the food. the menu looks expensive ($16 for a veg pasta and i think it was $24 for the shrimp scampi?) but the portions were large and the quality was good. i would definitely go back and am planning on it for another girls night next month. i also really liked the decor - industrial and trendy but we felt cozy. our waiter was very nice. i haven’t been during the day but some local internet friends that regularly post about food on a Facebook group i’m in have said the food is awesome but it’s super expensive. you know the now typical $4 coffee and $9 egg sandwich. :wink:

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