Senseless Tragedy

Heartfelt condolences to the Citizens of France & a speedy recovery for the injured survivors.


I am so confused by what you can post and not post on here. This is not flagged but my talking about veggie flavors was on a costco thread. Aujourd’hui nous sommes toutes les parisiens

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I don’t know… after Friday’s event, I feel a bit down to talk about restaurants and dining out in here. It’s awful to see that simple pleasure like dining out, now you need to be cautious… (rue Charonne is where Septime, Clamato is located in Paris 11) Many streets in central Paris are blocked by the police, restaurants, shops are mostly closed today. I don’t know if things can return to normal. You see reminders of bullets holes everywhere…


Excellent post from the facebook of Chez L’Ami Jean today:
“We reject the amalgam, as far as living in fear. We will not give in to this polymorphic obscurantism, because we are the country of secularism and human rights. We will change nothing in our habits as this would mean that it is ‘them’ - those cowards who arbitrarily massacred innocent unarmed and peaceful - win. Our most sincere thoughts and most worthy accompany people who are grieving this morning. Thank you to all to remain extremely cautious. The AJ.”

Sloppy translation by Google, you can find the original text here:

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But things will–and must–return to normal. It will take a little time, and people will be more alert, but a Paris without people dining in cafes or attending concerts? Not a world I would like to imagine :cry:

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Tragedy for sure. Senseless? These things do have a logic and sense to them from the perpetrators point of view.

For some years now, Americans have been coping with the anxiety of mass shootings at public gathering places, not from political terrorism, but crazed people and criminals. It has always been rather surprising to me that this became “normal”. Most of the terror associated with 9/11 was simply forgotten when there was no repeat, although I know young families who will not live in Manhattan or D.C., considering it a permanent terrorist target.

Being able to think clearly beyond the trauma about the meaning of these events and what – and what not – to do going forward is apparently a real trick few politicians master.

Anyway, my heart goes out to the immediate victims, the traumatised residents of Paris and victims of political violence everywhere.

I have a very strong opinion on what took place as I am sure most other’s do! I deliberately kept my opinion out because this is not the forum for such discussions. However, this is a food board and France is an iconic food country and many of our members live there and many have relatives/friends there. I wrote it strictly to express sorrow, support & hope.


Got this email from the popular Le Fooding (restaurant guide), asking everybody to head towards their local restaurants, bistros, bars, cafés and brasseries in France this Tuesday evening.

In their words:
"On November 17th, #TOUSAUBISTROT:

  • To commemorate the victims of the attacks.

  • To support all those working in the restaurant and entertainment industry, targeted by these deadly attacks.

  • In solidarity with Paris, France will not give into fear.

Let’s sing, despite the tears.
Love and friendship."


Language warning

Vive la France


I was going to paste the same link. Decent job of summing things up, imho.

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Sticking with original plans, we found ourselves in NYC after 9/11 right after air travel was restored. We were also staying within walking distance of the Financial District and walked in that direction one evening. The Odeon was open, so we went in to support a business that had been tirelessly help feed the emergency workers. Dinner was just fine; the full restaurant was a testament to the same Tous au bistrot message. Good thing we were able to scrape together enough cash to settle the check, because the workingphone line did not support the credit card machine !