Senior discount at Russo's in Watertown?

I was at Russo’s yesterday and didn’t pay attention to my receipt until I got home. They gave me the senior discount which was 20% off everything I bought. I’ve never seen this before and I’m wondering if it’s a Senior Tuesday deal or an every day deal for seniors? I don’t even think I qualify as a senior but I have gray hair and that confuses people. I checked Russo’s website but I don’t see anything about seniors.

I’ve had senior discounts at the movies too and I’m too young to receive that discount as well!

Ha. I also have gray hair and will check my receipt next time I’m there, especially on a Tuesday. I guess I’ll have mixed feelings if they automatically give it to me! 20% is a pretty hefty discount, especially considering their already low prices.

I have seen signs for a senior discount but since I’m not close enough yet I haven’t paid attention. Will have to look more closely - 20% is a good discount.

It is a weekly thing. I’ve been asked if I’m a senior (grey hair) but have said no.

I was asked as well when I went this past Tuesday, and when told the age was 65, said no. (I still have a couple of years).

I spent a little over $50, and the cashier told me (and a sign at the register explains it as well) that if you spend $50 or more any other time, you can come back on a Wednesday and get 20% off your order. I went back with my receipt yesterday, spent about $75, and saved about $15. Pretty cool.

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From the Nonantum Neighborhood Association, Senior Citizens - FYI - Russo’s on Pleasant Street in Watertown offers a 20% discount on Tuesday’s to Seniors.

So Tuesdays only.

20% discount is a heck of a discount given the slim profit margin for food markets. Its very generous for them to do that for seniors.

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And if you steer clear of the prepared items , 75 dollars is a hell of a lot of produce at Russos.

The only issue we are not 100% sure about is that if you try and buy bulk stuff like cases of tomatoes in summer or boxes of green fresh oilives or even bushel of beans and you try on Tuesday for 20% day discount, they have a “nasty habit” of not being available and then pop up miraculously the next day!,

I was at Russo’s a week or so ago and was told that both the senior discount and the Wednesday discount (offered to folks who could show previous receipts of $50+) had ended. Too bad. The store was absolutely crowded with seniors on those days, including vans from senior housing places. It was a fine business plan that respected the special needs of seniors – especially those on fixed incomes, and it’s a pity that it has been discontinued.

I thought it ends for the holidays and starts back up in January. Don’t ask me why I think that but something made me think that.

Next time I go to Russo’s I’ll ask and post here.

Me back again…I checked it out this past week at Russo’s and both the senior discount and the Wednesday discount plan (if you show previous receipts totalling at least $50) will come back in January.

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Oh, thanks, Suzie. I have three receipts in my wallet ready to go!

Now that the holidays are over, Russo’s has resumed their 20% Wednesday discount with a receipt from a previous trip that totals over $50. I saved almost $14 with a pre-holiday receipt! Woo hoo!

I was there yesterday (Tuesday 1/17) as well and it’s true, Senior Tuesdays is back in full force. I suggest getting there early because the aisles are chocked full of seniors with sharp elbows! And watch out for horn-using demons in the parking lot! Still, it’s a generous and great buy. Also, I noticed that they have a rather elegant new cheese case with lots of great looking stuff. I stocked up on collards and root veg for the week. Enjoy.

Update on Russo’s Senior Discount as of March 17th…
While they used to offer 20% off one day a week, now they are offering 10% off to seniors Mon - Fri. Not as swell as deal as before, but still welcome. Thanks, Russo’s!

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