Semma (NYC) - the only Michelin starred Indian Resto in the US

A talk with the chef.


Well, we love Indian food and are fine with hot spices, but unfortunately Semma didn’t satisfy us. The dishes we had all tasted pretty much alike. It was hard to tell which sauce was which, they were so similar.

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Additional comment to my above post:

We used to love Rahe, which was under the same ownership and in the same location. Semma just doesn’t compare.

What dishes were these?

I’ve other issues with the Unapologetic schtick of the parent group and I haven’t eaten at Semma, but it’s hard to imagine from the descriptions on their menu that their dishes all taste “pretty much alike”. Can you clarify? What did you eat and how were the dishes alike?

Sorry for the delayed response, but I honestly can’t remember. Have you been there? If not, go try it for yourself and see what you think. I’ll stick with Baazi for really great food.