selecting categories...

on the old ch, i was able to mark a board, then access from a drop down and the top of any page so i could easily access the boards i read most often. the redesign made that a bit more cumbersone, but still workable.

i haven’t figured out if that’s possible here. i know i can follow a particular thread, but is there (or will there be in the future) a way to mark a category as a favorite for easy access?


On the front page, the gray box marked “All categories” can be clicked and a single group selected, to see only messages from that group. So it’s not marking the category exactly but it’s easy to switch.

I have “All Categories” selected here, but at the similar Food Talk Central site, which has scads of regional boards, I’ve selected the equivalent of “All Other Boards” and on both I keep “latest” selected. The sites push notifications when there’s a new comment available.

Hope that’s useful.

You can ‘watch’ or ‘track’ a board with the selection box on the top right corner of a board page, which then notifies you as new threads from that board comes in.

different implementation of course, let me know how you like it. right now i don’t think they have a favorite board feature yet, though I think this is useful and I will play with it to see if there is something I can figure out.

Alternatively create RSS feeds for your favorite boards and put it in your browser favorites folder. To create an RSS feed, just add .rss to the URL of the board.

Thanks, I had entirely missed that button.