SeiBar Wakefield's (MA) Hunan Flavors Deeply Satisfy

My Saturday lunch adventure with Galangatron was to SeiBar’s newest outlet in Wakefield, MA. We specifically had in mind their unique Hunan menu and it didn’t disappoint. Started with a mouth-blistering cold radish skin salad – crunchy, heavy on the hot pepper, yet oddly addictive. Galangatron (always a glutton for spicy punishment, dug in). Red-braised pork belly was unctuous and not too sweet but perfectly cooked with the best ratio of fat to tender porkiness. Beef tripe with hot pepper was the kind of homey dish you crave (more in fall and winter I think). But the standout of the day was the steamed sticky rice with pork ribs. I swear someone’s grandma was back in that kitchen making this mild but soul-satisfying steamed assembly of tender pork ribs, flavorful sticky rice, and fresh, sweet-as-can-be corn on the cob (cut into long quarters - the better for finger snacking). Save room for it.


everything I hear about this place makes it sound fantastic. thanks for the review!

Wonderful pictures, thanks for posting them!

Do they have this menu at all of their locations? I haven’t had Hunan food in a few years since I don’t get to DC as often as I would like.

it’s only the Wakefield branch that has the Hunan items.

Does anyone know how busy SeiBar Wakefield usually is on a Saturday night? We’re thinking of going before a performance, but I see they don’t take reservations on weekends.