Seems a little early for Halloween candy...

Saw this display at my local Giant supermarket yesterday…


I was at my local Giant yesterday. Halloween candy, scarecrows, apple cider, the makings for caramel apples (right next to the s’more supplies :confused:

It was 89 and humid . . . typical for the Philly region in mid-summer. I guess we need to get our Halloween supplies now, before the Christmas merchandise arrives shortly after Labor Day.


I have seen Halloween displays in every supermarket I’ve been to over the past two weeks
I actually gagged walking into Price Chopper in Warwick yesterday from the cinnamon scented brooms on display outside :frowning:


When you consider they start with the Christmas Decorations around Halloween it seems like 60+ days is the new retail lead in for any holiday.


Just at Costco - they have all their Halloween costumes out. Thought it was wicked early too.


It’s right around the corner. The year is moving fast and will be over before you know it.:confused:

Oh god, I HATE the smell of those cinnamon brooms!


I noticed that last week, seriously? My mom said “it’s soon.” I guess some don’t find it so odd.

The local Christmas Tree Shoppe has already mailed out a circular highlighting their opening and pumpkin everything packaged foods avail right on the front page. Pumpkin Milanos, pumpkin mixes, etc.


Spirit Halloween is setting their costume stores now. To be fair, it takes them 2-3 weeks to set the stores, then 8 weeks open, then closed by mid-November…

I saw Thanksgiving stuff today at Stop and Shop

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Aka Turkey?

Ha! No, paper plates for Thanksgiving.

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