Seeking Steamed Fish- Taipei [Taiwan]

I will be in Taipei in a little under 2 weeks. After 2 months in the mountains of India without even a sniff of anything aquatic I am craving fish. I have found numerous places in Taipei for crab and the like but first something a little lighter will be in order. If it’s steamed with lemongrass and chilli all the better. I’m staying near Ximen MRT and a 20 min ride on the MRT is ok.

How about Dragon Restaurant, or high end Cantonese restaurants in hotel like Yen and The Dragon? I don’t have the intel however who steams seafood the best.

Weren’t the star chef’s kitchen scenes in Eat Drink Man Woman modeled on the Grand Hotel dining operations?

PB, do take a look at these seafood restaurants as ranked on TA. Surely one of these restaurants must have it.

I did not seek it out but found it, quite by change in the neighourhood of my lodging, a little lunch place serving steamed fish filets.

Hope you also plan to eat beef noodle soup and goose as well. Steamed fish and goose most probably have a bunch of finely shredded young ginger atop it. It’s very common in Taiwan but I’ve never seen it even in China. The ginger is very young, pale and not fibrous at all. Very lovely.

And the fish markets- get the live fish from the wholesalers and have someone cook for you the way you want it on premise. My favorite way of eating live seafood:

I thought its a different hotel? These two are W and Sheraton.

Yes. Had a moment to refresh the memory:

High end Cantonese places make sense. I’ll check these out.

Thanks for the link. Beef noodle soup and goose are at the top of my list while in Taiwan. Also on the list are:
Stinky tofu, slack season noodles, Gua bao, Ba wan, oyster omelette, shaved ice mountain, braised pork and rice and bubble tea.
If I’m missing any must tries do shout.

Night market off Xinyi Road for stinky, oyster omelette, shaved ice? (Original Din Tai Fung is nearby too.)

All the things, save for the goose, on your list are easily found at any night market or shops anywhere.

It was in mid 30C night and day. The ice melted so fast! Note that you have a choice of certain amounts of sweets in your shaved ice. More stuff, more money.

Only 5 mins later…

I thought oyster omelettes were a waste of oysters. But maybe the oysters there are not meant to be eaten raw, or they didn’t have much taste?

At a small night market where I ate mine (forgot where exactly but there were no tourists. Someone took me there.)

So wonderful and so cheap. You can indeed smell it already 5 blocks away.

My favourite. Had it several times and it was nice every time.

Incredible goose. Am still haunted. Had goose in Taipei twice but it wasn’t the same. This was in Hsinchu so it was probably made in the Hakka or Fujian way. Hsinchu has a large population of migrants from that part of China (literally right across the water).

“Normal” version

Probably tea smoked, this one. Even better than the above.

Entrance. 2 kinds of goose next to each other. This is a goose specialist. Everything has goose in it, almost. No goose in the basil clams. Went back several times for the goose and clams during my 2 weeks in Hsinchu.

More favourites of mine, including braised pork on rice (bottom pic inset).

Enjoy your food, PB!


If you haven’t seen this, there are some famous shaved ice, night markets and Gua Bao places in there.

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