Seeking Indonesian food (Houston). Particularly...

… as Scrooge would say, ‘Particularly’ Beef Rendang. But I’ll eat anything.

Mama Yu is gone. Yelp lists 10 places for ‘Indonesian’ (but the one nearest me specifically, or particularly, (Rice Bowl I) states they only do Chinese at that location. Several in Katy, several along 6 in Sugar Land, several in Chinatown.

I wonder if the Indonesian Consulate is still doing that thing on weekends with home cooks?

Anybody have any recs?

It’s a hike for you, and it’s Malaysian actually, but they have rendang at Phat Eatery.

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Thanks. That place gets a ton of good recommendations.

Rice Bowl 2 on Bellaire near Hwy 6 has Indonesian including rendang. It was very good the one time i had it about twenty years ago. True story : It was the first time I ever met Jaymes. We met there on a Saturday for lunch and the rest, as they say, is herstory.

Last I heard, they had suspended the Saturday lunches at the consulate for covid. I don’t know if they’ve resumed or not but if they have, its great fun.

Also Malaysian, Banana Leaf has good rendang.


Thanks. Banana Leaf is one that came up on Y, which makes me wonder why Phat Eatery didn’t. Rice Bowl 1 is the one near me but just a hole in the wall and they don’t do anything but the Chinese menu. I’ve been to Rice Bowl II a couple of times but never had the rendang.

I figured out the 3 on Hwy 6 are all east of 59/69, over towards Missouri City, so they’re the closest to me, other than perhaps Banana Leaf. I’ll be checking them out more closely before making a decision where to go first.

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Checking out the ones along 6 south of 59/69 -

Raki - just south of where FM1092 (ie, Wilcrest south of 59/69) intersects - big Chinese menu, small Japanese menu (including ramen) and fairly large Indonesian menu - Closest to me besides Banana Leaf and I’ll be checking it out first, I guess.

Warung Indo - close to where Dulles (i.e., Kirkwood) meets 6 - very small, very small menu, no reviews yet on Y*

Singapore Cafe - close to Wms Trace intersection, Singaporean, Malaysian, Chinese

Coinkadentally, Asia Town Tours group recently visited Warung; pics on Jay Francis Houchies FB and Francis and others recently visited Uncle Chin’s on Mason, close to Cinco Ranch Blvd. 5s on Y. pics but no commentary on either group’s visit??? Chin’s looks good , though.

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