Seeking good Filipino cuisine

Because it’s been years since I had good adobo, and because there’s probably lots of the cuisine that I don’t know at all, it would be great to hear about any good places people have found. Best for me are towns along the Bay (SF down the Peninsula to SJ; Berkeley to SJ), but I’d go further if there were strong recommendations.


Here’s the recent article about spots on the Peninsula that brought this to mind


I don’t know a lot about Filipino cuisine, but I really enjoyed Chibog in Daly City the one time I’ve been. I had grilled liempo, pork sisig, and chicken adobo there.

Probably not where you’re looking for, but Mama Go’s in the airport (inside of security) has become where I’ll almost certainly eat whenever I’m there. It’s fast/casual Filipino food.


The only two I’ve been to on that list are Bread Basket Bakery and Fil-Am, I dug those skewers from Fil-Am.

Don’t bother ordering from the menu, just ask what’s good that day and get it. But you can’t ever go wrong with the Dinuguan.

Go with a big group and get the Kamayan dinner

Kusina Ni Tess
Pork adobo and the turons are the things to get here. Lechon Kawali is good too.


It’s kind of wild to me the amount of stuff omitted from that article.
As someone else mentioned, a hearty recommendation for Chi-Bog. This is a family restaurant and portions are gigantic and flavors are strong.

A personal favorite over the years is Tselogs (now finally at a permanent location after many moves in Daly City). This place is most well known for their Silogs but they have added some more entrees as well. I had a diniguan there the other week that was quite good.
The sisig silog is served on a sizzling plate and is delicious.

Kariligan in South San Francisco is another sit down family type place. More big portions and big flavors. They don’t skimp on the shrimp paste. I haven’t been in a while, but pre-pandemic they weren’t the nicest… but the food was good enough to have me go back several times.

Honorable mention to Turo Cafe and Grill on San Jose ave in the city. It is, or was last I was there, a donut shop slash filipino place. I would get Turon here. They were super nice and the food was pretty good and cheap.