Secret to IHOP's Fluffy Omelets!! (it's not whisking!!)

Don’t know what to make of this, I certainly didn’t think this was how they did it.

They mention it on their menus that they add a splash of pancake batter to the eggs to make them fluffy. It’s not a secret.

I"m impressed. I can’t remember the last time I was at an IHOP (though good friends in HS worked at one) - let alone read their menu carefully enough to have noticed that they did that.

I do not recall every seeing that, next time I will try to take notice.

IHOP has an EXCELLENT steak tips and eggs which is my go to breakfast when we go there.

It is such an east coast place - we didn’t have them as I moved around the country (and most recently in OH we had Waffle House). But we had a few around me in Jersey growing up.

I don’t even know if we have them in Boston - I haven’t seen one I don’t think.

Edit: a google search shows there were some in OH and a few here in the Boston area. I guess they just aren’t where I’ve been driving.

I have 2 kids who love IHOP, so we’re there every couple months. :wink:

Here’s a screenshot of a menu from online:

We had them in California when I was growing up there centuries ago.

You can order it without batter.

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I’m in So. CA and I’ve got 4 IHOPSs within a 15 minute drive.

How are their Omelets? I’ve never been to an IHOP.

They’re ok for what they are. I normally get an egg white omelette (usually the Denver one) when I go with the kids. It’s a pretty big omelet, to the point where I eat 2/3 of it and then move on to the pancakes (with the blueberry syrup, every time). Because IH :heart: Pancakes.

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Do you notice the difference of the added pancake batter? Just curious if I should bother trying?

not at all. In fact, I didn’t even know it was in there until I read it on the menu one day!

Lol! Ok thanks. I just thought this was some sort of revolutionary thing that I’d been missing all my life.

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