Secret Santa, I want ZIZ!

I have a couple of Swiss Army knives which I still use on holidays but this is kind of cool and I don’t even do Christmas or birthdays. (Seller in the UK)

For my future glamping trips


What are some of the (food related) gadgets you fancy?


Today, I bought a five inch whisk that I think I need for small portions. I’m geeked.

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Is this a competition for the geekiest kitchen tool? Challenge accepted!


I use this thing all the time. It’s about 6" long, a mini-hand mixer. And I also have a teeny, non-electric whisk.


Very useful and cool! I’ve never seen it. Hope it lasts and lasts.

Past time to edit my post. Here’s my petite whisk. Reading glasses added for perspective…

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Good that you use reading glasses for scale. It’s very small, indeed. Useful for people tight on cupboard/storage space, like me.

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Reading glasses are the new cubits, I guess.


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Me too. I got it for $5 at a thrift store (which has about 20 still in stock, so I should be good). I use it to make vinaigrette in an egg cup, for a single serving of salad.


Now I hope mine would break so I could replace it with a miniature one. Mine is normal size and surely bigger/longer than a pair of reading glasses.

My things last too long. I need to stop taking good care of them.


I want this! Is there a brand name?

Love this!

5 bucks? Amazing deal.

Hoping to see more cool and useful kitchen gadgets people have. Either from second-hand shops or elsewhere.

Mine says “Quick Mix” on the side, so this one is a different brand. But the same exact thing.

Someone on another board found me that link when I was searching for info. I hadn’t thought to look on Amazon Canada.

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Damn. If this had been a yesterday thread, I’d have photos.

I went to the farmers market in the next town this morning. It takes place on the main market square where most of the Sunday space is taken up by traders selling second hand “stuff” - a car boot sale, without the car boot. One stall was pretty much exclusively food related stuff, including gadgets. There must have been a half a dozen or so different ones of those old whisks where you turn a handle which turns the beaters.

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Well, if I really get a genie wish, I may as well go big. Just saw this in The Week magazine and think it would solve my shopping problems, those times when I buy more than I can carry home or pick several of the heaviest (cook)books in the library. It’s a robot that holds 40 pounds of cargo and follows you anywhere. See here. Pricey, but i promise I won’t ask for anything else…for a long time.


Yes, I suppose you could beat eggs with them. I’ve never used one but I’m sure Mum did.

Does it talk back and argue? Wish it could cook and clean, too.

Seen it in action in public yet?