Secret of Siam (Centennial Gateway, NW Las Vegas)

Just want to give a shoutout about our new neighborhood Thai restaurant, Secret of Siam. It’s in NW Las Vegas, just off 95 at Ann Rd. in the Centennial Gateway strip mall, across from Trader Joe’s in the former Novecento Pizza spot.

We’ve tried it several times, so far just for soups and curries, and it’s been beyond great. Best Tom Kha we’ve ever had, and excellent yellow and green curries. We’re not into white rice, so they offered us steamed vegetables instead, which were done perfectly.
We’re looking forward to working through the menu, but so far, the Tom Kha has been so good, we haven’t ordered much else!

Here’s their online menu – be sure to click the “+” on the bottom right to enlarge.


“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold