Secret kitchens of Westchester

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I thought it would be interesting to start a thread on “secret kitchens”. This would be a restaurant that has unadvertised menus or dishes, or places that aren’t technically restaurants but serve food (e.g. pop-up restaurants, etc.).

I’ll go first.

Joe’s Pizza in Mamaroneck recently added Spanish items to their menu; they do takeout and delivery. Last weekend we ordered seafood paella, empanadas, shrimp in garlic oil and spanish tortillas. The paella came in a real paella pan which we returned the next day. Very decent paella (plenty of shrimp, squid and mussels) and the tapas were pretty good too. We’ll definitely do it again.

Anyone else know about any “secret” kitchens in the area?

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Don’t you mean secret menus?


Apparently not since the OP mentioned food coming out of home kitchens as well as restaurant kitchens , where someone already took issue, rightfully so, with the fact that this is illegal.

Not sure if this counts, but Village Social sometimes has a ramen pop-up from time to time.

Wasn’t aware of the ramen pop up at VS. will be on the lookout for that. No good ramen near us.

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pop ups are more kitchens than menus.

if you check out VS on Facebook, if you use it, and like their page, they let you know when a pop up is coming. Sometimes it is at another location too.

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thanks - on their VS-Rye FB page it says Ramen pop-ups every Wednesday 5pm during the winter!


Interesting intel…Joe Pizza is one of my bro’s go-tos so I’ll let him know.