Secret / hidden / off-menu items (SFBA)

Got any tips for dishes chefs make upon request, but which aren’t listed on the regular menus? Some that come to mind that are well known:

  • Brass Monkey at Little Star Pizza, which is their Little Star Pizza with sausage added.
  • Dorado style burrito at La Taqueria

A list on Foursquare lists some other interesting ones including spam musubi at Liholiho. There’s a bunch of others listed at San Francisco Travel. Have you made any discoveries in your neighborhood you’d like to share?

at R&G lounge (SF):
beef chow fun with pea leaves (dou miao), either “wet” (with black bean sauce) or dry fried
chow fun with scrambled egg and shrimp (either “wet”, with runny egg sauce, or dry)
burger at Alexanders (SF) (only 5 available per day iirc)

Then there’s the “secret” bar at Liholiho … by reservation only