Seattle's Best Onion Rings?

So, Wahine has always liked the “Lil Smokers” at Maritime’s Jolly Roger. Personally, I’ve never really cared for onion rings–too many things can and do go wrong.

Tonight I had the rings at the Highliner in Fisherman’s Terminal. Best I’ve ever had. Perfect score.

Who knows rings, and where do you think makes the best?


Hi, K. Orient me as to Fisherman’s Terminal. East of the locks?

East and south. Go south over the Ballard bridge and take the first right towards Magnolia.

Thanks. Heading to SEA in a few days.

You’re welcome. If you’re going north on Elliott theres a clover leaf thingy before the bridge. I grew up on Magnolia, but I’m not sure I’ve ever actually been to Fisherman’s Terminal!

Sorry for the delay. Yes, FT is tucked into the Magnolia armpit of the Ballard Bridge. Technically, it’s on Salmon Bay. If you Google Chinook’s, The Highliner’s about 100’ to the East. The shrimp Caesar is pretty good there, too.


Thanks, K. Seems like the kinda place we may want to check out. 'Course our main reason for being there this trip is help our daughter with their new baby as her husband has to be out of town for work. Chang’s Gourmet perhaps???

Sure, hit me up.

I’ll stay in touch. If you’re comfortable, then email me at . Sleep well.

If you go to Highliner for the rings, let me know what you think of the 2-color sauce. Dip a ring in both and taste together before you taste each separately.