Seattle, WA - Laws on selling food

Does anyone know the specifics on selling home baked goods or sauces etc? I’d rather not deal with the local health inspector sniffing around or having the local farmers market report me…

Permits, safety, cleanliness, taxes?

Start here:

You’ll need to talk to your accountant or at least the SBA about taxes.

The cottage food law is a good start. Items that aren’t allowed under cottage food rules must be made in an approved commercial kitchen. Depending on whether you do mostly wholesale or mostly retail you’ll need to be inspected either by the WA dept of Ag or by King County Public Health.

A lot of farmers market either don’t allow prepared food or do allow some but have reached their limit, so if you want to do farmers markets make sure the ones you like accept prepared food vendors. Vendors are selected so there is no repetition, don’t assume you will get a spot. There is also a Health Dept event fee for each farmers market that you do (per season).

Thanks for the info both of you. This isn’t to make money to be honest. Was just curious what regulations there are and it appears there are many. Might stick with small batch stuff and offer it here on Hungry Onion for people to really appreciate at cost! (since cottage food rules don’t allow you to ship items)

What specifically do you want to make?

While I woulnt recommend ignoring too many of the rules, I doubt anyone is going to notice if you mail a few boxes of cookies out. But selling on here isn’t allowed, the site is focused on discussion and shilling detracts. Maybe you can sell to your friends by posting on Facebook?

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You should speak to a lawyer and your insurance agent, too

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