[Seattle, South Lake Union] Serious Pie & Biscuit

Since we landed at SeaTac around dinner time, we wanted to find a casual place near the hotel that we can go to after checking in. Serious Pie fit the bill. It has a few different branches around the city, and the South Lake Union branch also offers biscuits during breakfast.

We had three of their pies.

Lots of richness from the runny egg and the ham. The prosciutto was smoky. THe scamorza cheese was very savory. Very good.

Tomato with mozzarella di bufala. Good. We compare this one with a VPN margherita from home. This was competitive. (Yes, its not a margherita!)

Roasted cascade morels with truffle cheese. Relatively modest taste of truffle. Somewhat salty. The morels actually was relatively muted in flavor. Most of the flavors were generated by the crimini? mushrooms. This pie was okay.

The smith sparkling strawberry honeybush ice tea. Tasted somewhat weird.

Overall, its a very satisfying meal. The pies ranged from pretty nice to very good. Tutta Bella the Neapolitan place was also nearby, and we could have gone there. Happy to have gone to Serious Pie.

Price was on the high side. Considering we were in Amazon territory, I suppose the prices were techie-adjusted.

The oven:

Downstairs bar:



sck, thanks for this review as well! I’ve only had takeout from here, so don’t want to critique it. My slices of pie were the fungi/truffle and another piece I don’t remember now. I was disappointed with the mushroom piece, the flavor I was looking for just wasn’t there. But I would like to go there sometime.

We always wind up at Tutta Bella (Wallingford location) always have a good meal, & it’s been a favorite with adult daughter & SIL.

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Those pies do look a bit small for $20.

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They were small. We had 2 adults and 2 small kids. We almost finished 3 pies. In other pizzerias we normally at most got 2 pies. And the meal was certainly not cheap.

I didn’t realize SLU is Amazon land until after a day or two. We were walking around, and the hood struck me as very new glass and steel, everything very splashy, kinda ‘uniform’. Lots of gyms. Whole Foods. And then I saw the Amazon buildings on the map and understood. Must be a part of town where there was a bit of gentrification since Amazon grew.

Then I showed up in Capital Hill, Ballard, and Pioneer Square, and went ‘ah. That’s how an actual ‘organic’ neighborhood looks like.’

The morels were a bit of a waste to me. If 90% of the flavors came from the cremini, then the morels were there it seemed to justify the higher price. Get the other pies.

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SLU was a semi-industrial non-neighborhood 20 years ago, it has seen massive change.

There’s been a ton of construction everywhere for the past several years, I keep getting disoriented when landmarks disappear. It’s weird but not necessarily bad. I moved to my grandparents house in West Seattle after they passed, it’s a lot less sleepy on the peninsula now than 10 years ago.

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