Seattle recs? Need 3 dinners and a place to get sandwiches pre-hiking

My entire experience of Seattle was a three-day weekend in 1991, so I know absolutely nothing! My friend and I will be staying in the North Beacon Hill neighborhood and will have a car (though places close by will be a plus). We eat anything, and definitely will want at least some fish, plus anything else that screams “Seattle.” Probably looking for entrees at $25 or less, so please, no super-fine-dining or overly fussy places. And we like beer :slight_smile:

We will be driving out to go hiking for two of our three days in town, so a recommendation for someplace near our rental house that does good carry-out sandwiches will also be very welcome.

For dinners, bar del corso on beacon hill, Quinn’s on Capitol Hill, ba bar or monsoon for nicer Vietnamese, green leaf or tamarind tree less westernized but very good.

For sandwiches, you can get banh mi in the ID, or go to Georgetown for Hitchcock. Sisters and Brothers, also down the hill from beacon in Georgetown, just started lunch again, they had some good sounding sandwiches on the menu. Or meat and bread on Capitol Hill. For seafood, Taylor shellfish and walrus & carpenter are both great. For more traditional sandwiches, try other coast cafe or honey hole, both on e pike.

Thanks! I’ll make a note of those.

A sandwich from Salumi near Pioneer Square would come with a “celebrity” heritage.

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ID bahn mi at Saigon Deli. Not mentioned yet: Bakeman’s turkey sandwich in downtown (weekday only) is incredible. And a great deal. Not super close but depends on where you are hiking, Un Bien in Ballard is the reincarnation of Paseo in Fremont. Cuban style sandwiches. Also in downtown (I haven’t tried but it’s popular) is Tat’s deli. Hot pastrami, cheesesteak, and that sort of thing.

Fish - we just went to Walrus & Carpenter last week. If you go, do not miss the sardines on toast. Does sushi qualify as fish? :slight_smile: There’s a lot of good sushi in SEA.

Thanks! For the sandwiches, we would be leaving in the AM to drive out and hike, so places that only open at lunchtime and have fancy, messy, or hot sandwiches are not going to work for us. I’m thinking more along the lines of good delis in our neighborhood that are open in the morning, or even a place like Wawa (for those of you who know the greatness of Wawa).

Un bien and paseo are definitely hot and messy.

Beacon Hill is not very gentrified yet, so I don’t think there is much in the way of upscale grocers or delis there. (But I don’t spend much time there, only drive through sometimes). Are your hikes out off I-90, or where?

If your not married to sandwiches, Maruta off Michigan St in Georgetown has decent, inexpensive sushi and Japanese food to go. Or try Uwajimaya, they have a good (mostly Asian) deli. But if you’re on Beacon and heading out to the eastern hills, the ID is probably most convenient - head down 15th (turns into 12th) to Jackson, get food, then go S on Ranier to get to 90. As long as you’re not looking for lunch at 6am, then you’d be better off going grocery shopping the night before.

Thanks Babette. At this point the hikes are still TBD so I was hoping just to find something nice in our neighborhood to pick up in the morning. If push comes to shove we will hit the supermarket and make our own lunches.

You could also detour a bit to the south and check out Columbia City. There is an excellent bakery and a couple blocks of shops and restaurants. Pizza, coffee, juice, Senegalese at La teranga, various Ethiopian/Eritrean. Some good dinner possibilities there too. - fantastic bread, good pastries, and they do have some sandwiches and savory items

and a hike finder for you too:

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