Seattle dim sum recommendations

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Either here or perhaps start a new thread, I’d love your recs for dim sum in the ID. We’ve been going to Jade Garden for years. Recently tried Harbor City and it was alright but not great. Walked into House of Hong and walked right back out again. Not a single person eating :frowning:

Are there any particular dishes that you like? Most dim sum places are good in some areas and not so good in others, so it might help improve my chances of giving you a ‘good’ recommendation ;).

Pretty much nothing that non-Chinese generally eat :slight_smile: We LOVE chicken feet!!! Stuffed tofu skin, eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste, rice flour rolled with beef not shrimp. We do get spare ribs. Steamed things rather than fried. Now I have gotten myself seriously hungry :smile:

Interesting. Thanks for the list, but unfortunately I never eat chicken feet and my wife doesn’t either. I’ll have to consult with her since I’m terrible with remembering the names of places we have been.

How is O’Asian nowadays? It used to be pretty decent (when I lived in seattle about 8 years ago )

According to Yelp they’re closed.

Was o’Asian the one on 12th where Malay satay hut used to be? (Had MSH been gone that long?) If I’m thinking of the right spot, a Vietnamese restsurant that had been on Ranier a few blocks south has (or will soon) moved in - Mi La Cay

I’d never heard of it. Just googled and saw the yelp thing.

We really like Jade Garden and sometimes even approach loving it. But not in the league with a fave place in SF. So I’m hoping some will give some other places to try.

Does it have to be in the ID? Top Gun in Factoria is tasty.

As long as they have chicken feet - they do! - it’s worth the trip. Thanks.

What’s your favorite dim sum place in SF?

House of Banquet on Clement at 10th.

Others go for the expensive Yank Sing and Koi Palace but this is our fave. And we get out for about $20…which is what I think dim sum should cost!

Thanks for your suggestions. I live in the East Bay and never know where to go for dim sum in SF.

My pleasure.

Have you seen this? Pretty mind boggling :slight_smile:

Regional Chinese roundup 3.0 (SF Bay Area)

Just this afternoon, I overheard my coworkers discussing Dim Sum House on Beacon Ave S (Georgetown neighborhood?). They claim that it’s currently the best dim sum in Seattle, although the atmosphere is a little rugged. Evidently, they do a lot of take-out business from the nearby VA hospital. I haven’t tried it, but thought that I would add it to your list!

Here’s a comment from The Stranger.

And I FAR prefer cooked to order over carts so we’ll need to check that out. Coming back in a couple of weeks.


Just go into SEA and think we’ll hit this in the AM! Will report back. Thanks again.

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