[Seattle, Capitol Hill] Adana 二章

Had dinner at Adana on a recent trip. We did one five course and one three course prix fixe, and some a la carte items.

First up was the amuse bouche from the kitchen- tartare with aioli and fried caper. Smoky, fresh tasting, and salty (in a good way). Creamy and yummy yummy.

First course #1:

Okra with bonito with a sauce at the bottom that was very savory and tasty.

First course #2:

Tempura was very light, the way it should be.

Second course #1:

Saba came with an intense soy-garlic vinaigrette. The swiss chard added a crunchy texture.

Third course #1:

The asparagus was pickled, sautéed and sauced. The cod was juicy with smoky crispy skin. Cod done well. Came with a yuzu soy ‘sauce’.

Third course #2:

The pork belly was tasty, and the skin was slightly hard and mildly sweet. The miso-parsnip purée was quite special. It had a sweet complexity to it. On top was the white kimchi.


Pure country beef. The beef was tender and mellow. The ponzu was slightly sweet, fruity and bright. Came with maitake mushroom and puréed mushroom.


The yuzu cheesecake with a shortbread crust had a complex and layered yuzu flavor with a creamy texture.

Pickled cherries:

A la carte item #1:

Maubushi bowl- the chicken was sweet.

A la carte item #2:

Chicken tatsuda. The juicy chicken itself was a little bland. Taste mostly came from the coating on the outside. The vinaigrette was well rounded.

Overall, I thought the meal was pretty good for higher end Japanese, with some bright spots, though the flavors didn’t consistently hit the heights I was hoping it would. The kitchen obviously had skills to deliver the highs in some cases, though the flavors of some other dishes were fairly muted. Perhaps by design since they say they serve food found in a traditional Japanese home.


Dining room: