Seattle - any opinion(s) of The Stranger

I’ve read a number of his/their reviews but wondering what your opinions are. TIA.

Like anything, a grain of salt and a filter or two are necessary. Angela Garbes seems to know mostly what she’s talking about when she writes an actual review.

But then you have writers lamenting the destruction and praising the resurrection of Mamas Mexican kitchen and the guy going on and on about coconut in French macarons until a reader corrected it. Poor taste and uninformed in those cases. And the stranger can have a tendency to try too hard to be edgy or controversial.

But the other recent reviews are on track, Chilli’s in the U district and Dough Zone on the east side are both good (though recently I was a little disappointed with the Redmond DZ, screaming children at dinner may have been a factor, I more often go to the Crossroads one for lunch)